Written on November 17, 2015

You My Ocean – an ocean conservancy expedition of the Americas in 2016

“Our vision is to unite all people to care for and to protect our world’s oceans to create a better future for our world. Realizing we belong to the oceans and the oceans belong to us would greatly change the way we think and act, thus minimizing the impact we have on our planet. It is time to awaken our sense of connection and forge a close relationship to the oceans. Only by caring for and protecting our oceans will future generations create a healthy planet in which to live” – Said CAPT Alfonso López, Founder and President of Oceanforce Foundation.

The 36 year old Argentina native is been at the forefront of the small start up non profit organization since its inception in the year 2009. He is also getting ready to lead a selected crew of sailors and ocean activists in the expedition they call “You My ocean – an ocean conservancy expedition of the Americas” 

“This is a great opportunity to bring together an array of skills that are simply natural to us as a group. We breathe the ocean day in and day out through our addiction to water sports and ocean exploration. We were born by the water and our families have struggled to make a livelihood from the ocean. We feel very identified with and care enormously for those coastal communities that are the most affected by today’s ocean decline and are the ones needing the most help. We have learned and are now more capable than ever to bridging those cultural barriers and solving problems by offering tangible solutions that anyone can be a part of.”  

Please take a few minutes to watch a demo reel which explains in detail all the aspects of this exciting expedition.

Oceanforce Foundation has a dedicated website for our ocean conservancy sailing expedition. Please visit http://www.youmyocean.com/ for all the details and how to get involved!

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