Written on December 1, 2016

Their River Is Our Ocean – We Are All Standing Rocks.

Their River Is Our Ocean – We Are All Standing Rocks



Captain Alfonso Lopez and the Oceanforce Foundation Team.


The city of San Diego gathers in peaceful solidarity to show support in full opposition to the Dakota Access Pipe Line project (DAPL) which intends to lay crude oil pipe lines near the Mississippi River, and the ancestral site for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, Lake Oahe, endangering one of our most precious resources (drinking water) and violating the ancestral rights of our native people’s sacred lands. Beyond the ecological catastrophe which this technological private venture poses to the local environment and that of the planet as a whole, this marks a turning point in our lack of interest in continuing to relay in fossil fuels.

We will be taking a group photo with two (2) 40+ foot signs that will read:


“This is a peaceful war of attrition.”



Saturday December 3rd 2016

We meet at 10AM to share any and all information about this pressing issue, chant, pray, share a good time and get to know each other.

Group photo taken at 12 O’Clock. We will be lining the two giant banners with the Ocean in the background and taking a group photo. Aerial photography and video will be happening on site.

We expect a large amount of community members to join us for this peaceful gathering so PLEASE try to arrive early. Let’s carpool to consume less fossil fuels. For those who are closer, plan to ride your bicycle, skate or walk. PLEASE invite all of your friends.


We will be meeting North of the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, CA. USA. You should be able to find parking within a 5 block radius or so. Let’s decompress – you don’t need to park right by the beach.

Online @:

You can find more information on www.oceanforce.org and on our Facebook page Oceanforce https://www.facebook.com/events/352665878421305/

Media Contact:

Direct message through our Facebook event page or email CAPT. Alfonso Lopez at alfonso.oceanforce@gmail.com

What Else:

We will be holding a beach cleanup from 10:30Am to 11:30AM to show respect and care for our oceans.

Charitable cash donations will be accepted through Oceanforce Foundation.

A Drum Circle will be marking the beat. Native American Blessing will be given.

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