Oceanforce International Conservancy Efforts

Through our network of family and friends extending south of the U.S. border we work to connect distant communities sharing the same ocean pollution issues, by transfering information and sharing experiences. We have created several groups which seek to improve the existing strategies and develop new and innovative approaches to combat ocean degradation in their local communities.

By sharing a life long passion for the ocean and riding waves we find our way into these costal communities. It’s that way, how we get to know those characters and stand out leaders. We identify and train these individuals to become agents of change in their community – helping them connect the dots between certain cultural/social costumes, and the not-so-distant health effects these could have on their local environment. By working closely with these community leaders we are able to create  awareness and educate the greater community on an array of ocean related issues.

Oceanforce Foundation has convened and guided several citizens’ groups from North to South America.  Groups have been established in Mexico, Argentina, and California, U.S. These groups have focused on different issues and run their own distinctive campaigns. In the past we have worked in conservancy topics such as illegal coastal development, lack of beach access, ocean, beach and river bound pollution, sustainability practices and environmental stewardship.

These Oceanforce local chapters carry their own environmental agenda under the foundation’s mission – “to create healthier oceans, beaches and marine ecosystems in communities around the globe.” Our international members work to create awareness and educate the global community about certain environmental issues threatening their livelihood and that of their oceans and beaches. Members of Conserve your Beach learn to protect both nature and human health to unify the ocean conservancy world movement.