Eco Service Slips


Oceanforce Foundation’s Boating Clean Initiative works to improve certain practices related to marine services in the United States. Through the creation of a reusable Eco Service Slip Oceanforce Foundation aims to reduce the amount of rubber, plastic and paper going into our ocean waters year after year. Eco conscious marinas and marine services providers alike are signing up for this program and taping into the many benefits of an improved technique that simply makes sense.

Walking around any marina in the United States it is not hard to find and notice a practice that has become a standard in the marine services business. What we are referring to is the tagging and placing of business cards, fliers and postcards hanging from dock lines or boat rigging with rubber bands. The business cards are left behind after a hull cleaning or a topside wash and are common indicators that the job is been done and that you will soon be billed.  Everything goes well until sun and wind enter the equation. Chances are it is only a matter of two or three days before the sun damages the rubber band, it will snap, and together with the card they will go into the water. Every day, every week, every month, for every boat that gets serviced at every marina across the united states, rubber bands and business cards are endlessly snapping and falling into the water.


Those are the reasons Oceanforce Foundation created the Eco Service Slip Program, in an effort to improve an old technique and bring it up to current environmental standards. With the Eco Service Slip from Oceanforce Foundation there is no longer a excuse for dumping anymore plastic and rubber into our ocean waters, bays, rivers and waterways. The concept is real simple and the short and long time benefits are incredibly huge.


This is how it works

  • Oceanforce Foundation will provide Marina Staff with all the training and certification needed to use and implement the Eco Service Slip policy throughout the different marinas across San Diego County.


  • Marine services providers, such as divers, topside wash and others must attend a training session where they will learn the proper use, correct way of filling and benefits of the Eco Service Slips.


  • After the training session is been completed, marine services will be required to implement the use of the ECO SERVICE SLIP. The card contains information such as business name, EIN, phone number, website, county registration number, service date, boat serviced CF number, work performed, and signed initials for the service provider and vessel owner, etc.


  • Diver or employee fills out all information on the service card and signs their initials and places card back into clear slip pocket.


  • Once card is filled out it will go back in its clear pocket it will be hung from the boat’s standing rigging with reusable ties. The Eco Service Slip is now ready to be used again and stay away from the water. The reusable clear slip is made of durable plastic and can withstand the weather.


  • Boat owners are required to sign their initials on the card once job/service is been acknowledged. Boat owner will place card back into clear slip. Initials on the Eco Service Slip card will let the marine business owner/employee know that their customer is aware of the work that has being performed.


  • The Eco Service Slip has now become a common ground (document) for boat owner, service provider, and marina management. Any of the parties involved could refer to the Eco Service Slip card to pursue payment or to solve any dispute that might arise.


  • There are very many benefits to implementing the Eco Service Slips in your marina and for your marine business. Save the environment and the wildlife. Conserve paper and save trees. Keep plastics, rubber and paper out of the ocean.


  • We will all be able to enjoy cleaner marinas without the need to see rubber bands falling into the water, business cards laying around docks, floating in the water, etc. Your presence as a business will leave a more professional impression. Boats and docks will have a more clean and neat look by the lack of cards and rubber bands everywhere.


  • Marine services providers buy countless bags of rubber bands every year. As we all know, these will inevitably just end up in the ocean floor. Through implementing the Eco Service Slip your marine service business will be saving hundreds of dollars in rubber bands and wasted cards every year.


  • Trough implementing this practice we give marine wildlife and birds a real chance to heal and most importantly feed on real food – not rubber. It is proven that all around the world birds and fish confuse this small plastic and rubber pieces for food, thus consuming it to death.


  • As fish consume plastics entering the ocean waters, it marks the beginning of the chain in which plastics will enter the food chain to one-day end up at our dinner table. Research has shown that most of the wild caught fish we consume these days has some type of plastic particles in it.


  • We implement the program one marina at the time and constantly look for new locations and partners to extend our network of Eco Marinas.


  • Oceanforce Foundation provides the basic format and template for the Eco Service Slip, as well as a pack of reusable clear slips for each business in attendance.


  • All Marinas participating in the Eco Service Slip Program will be added to our list of Eco Marinas in the United Estates. If you are a Marine Service provider you will be added to our list of Marine Eco Businesses.


For more information and to request a Boating Clean program package contact Oceanforce Foundation by phone at (310) 948-9790