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Ongoing restoration of the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge by Oceanforce Foundation and Partners

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This past Saturday September 19th 2015 local high school students, community residents, allied organizations and volunteers gathered up to continue to show the Sweetwater Marsh some love and TLC as part of the global efforts and celebration happening on “International Coastal Cleanup Day.”

This time around the celebration brought together around 60 volunteers that worked hard under the morning sun to collect trash and debris accumulated along the shore in beautiful Chula Vista Bay Front. Lots of single use plastics as well as discarded marine industry materials and rubbish were more than enough to top off two 3 Cu. Yards recycle bins and one whole trash bin. Among the items founds were styrofoam cups and containers, cigarette butts, plastic straws, rubber bands, plastic balls, electronics, pallets, hoses, car tires, shopping carts, rope, monofilament, plastic sheeting, copper paint, a 14k gold and diamond ring, other unimaginable plastic items and styrofoam, styrofoam and more styrofoam.

Early in the morning Students from Castle Park High School lead by Science teacher Mr. Manroe helped Oceanforce Foundation “kick-start” a micro plastics research project. Their task entailed collecting the first three water samples from the bay for a study that will measure the amount of microplastics in the water.  Prior to collecting the samples, students learned about some the dangers of microplastics entering our food chain thus our bodies. The hands on component of the learning process will give the students a glimpse at the severity of the issue. Not to mention the research skills aquired as students had to follow scientific protocols to precisely collect the samples needed. Oceanforce Foundation will continue to engage students, local residents and the local and national scientific communities in this ongoing research which will help us  better understand the wildlife and human health impacts and the extent of micro plastic particles and polyester fivers in our waterways. This scientific study conducted in the San Diego Bay is part of a newly established partnership between Oceanforce Foundation and the Bozeman, Montana based organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) – http://www.adventurescience.org/

As always we were pleased to have students from Castle Park High School, Muller Charter School, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts as well as all of our awesome friends and neighbors come out, lend a hand and make a difference. These efforts were also made possible in part by the generous support of our friends and allies I Love a Clean San Diego, the San Diego Port Tenants Association, and the Port of San Diego.

Micro Plastics talk with KUSI LIVE @ Ocean Beach

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Live News Report from our friends at KUSI San Diego Chanel 9 while Castle Park High School Students prepare to walk the beach searching for micro plastics and anything that could negatively affect the coastline and the environment. Let’s remember to “pick up three” every time we are out in the streets, the park or at the beach!

2nd Annual Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic on January 4th

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We are super excited to announce our participation at the 2nd Annual Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic on January 4th. The event is organized and brought to you by local Oceanforcers Hodad’s and AWOL. Thanks to this folks an the communitie’s collective efforts we will be celebrating our love for Surfing and the Ocean. Among the many attractions of a classic Surf Contest tailored to the entire family, there will be beach and Park cleanups, a Beach Market with some of the best local businesses in town, music, raffles and more.

If you are signed up to enter the contest the earlier you arrive at the beach, the better. For those of you who are coming for the ocean conservation work mostly, just remember:

  • We gather up 30 mins before each cleanup to get to know each other, share important information about the issue of plastics in our oceans, talk safety and coordinate the activity.
  • Bring Your Own Bucket and/or a Small Glass Bottle to collect micro plastics. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Participation is FREE. Donation based – your kind contribution of any amount or skill (as a volunteer) allows us to continue our ocean conservation work.

We will be having a beach cleanup mid morning at 10AM and another one in the afternoon at 2PM. If you are interested in joining the team for the day and helping us at the Oceanforce booth and assist with the cleanup please write to ( alfonso d0t 0ceanforce at gmail d o t com) Community service forms available for those of you who might need it. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult. Bring water, warm clothes, and carpool if possible :)

Please take a few minutes to visit our friends @ www.hodadies.com and www.awol1502.com  

Thank you.


Surfing for the Ocean – Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic 2017

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Oceanforce Foundation is honored to once again announce our participation in this year’s Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic 2017 organized by Hodads and AWOL. Oceanforce will be leading two cleanups of the Park and Beach area during the surf and fair festivities. Our ocean conservation activities will be called “Surfing for The Ocean.”

Come celebrate the history of Surfing in our town and help solidify our legacy of Ocean Conservation with Us @ the 2nd Annual Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic this Saturday February 4th 2017. Make sure to visit www.obsurfclassic.com to register and to learn more about the event. Brought to you in collaboration with Ocean Beach Locals AWOL Productions – please check them out @ www.awol1502.com.

And when you are ready for some of the BEST HAMBURGERS IN TOWN don’t forget to visit HODADS at any of their three great locations in Ocean Beach, Down Town and PETCO Park. Hodads is an ethically correct family owned business and a strong supporter of our local Ocean Conservation work – please show your support and pay them a visit @ www.hodadies.com



Oceanforce Water Warriors on Channel 8 – We Are All Standing Rocks!

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A quick video recap from Saturday morning during our peaceful protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. After an early morning beach cleanup and a beautiful blessings ceremony lead by native local activists, more than 50 community members joined us for a group photo in support of our brothers and sisters fighting to protect our sacred water and lands. Aired on KFMB-TV News at 5PM. San Diego, California.

Their River Is Our Ocean – We Are All Standing Rocks.

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Their River Is Our Ocean – We Are All Standing Rocks



Captain Alfonso Lopez and the Oceanforce Foundation Team.


The city of San Diego gathers in peaceful solidarity to show support in full opposition to the Dakota Access Pipe Line project (DAPL) which intends to lay crude oil pipe lines near the Mississippi River, and the ancestral site for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, Lake Oahe, endangering one of our most precious resources (drinking water) and violating the ancestral rights of our native people’s sacred lands. Beyond the ecological catastrophe which this technological private venture poses to the local environment and that of the planet as a whole, this marks a turning point in our lack of interest in continuing to relay in fossil fuels.

We will be taking a group photo with two (2) 40+ foot signs that will read:


“This is a peaceful war of attrition.”



Saturday December 3rd 2016

We meet at 10AM to share any and all information about this pressing issue, chant, pray, share a good time and get to know each other.

Group photo taken at 12 O’Clock. We will be lining the two giant banners with the Ocean in the background and taking a group photo. Aerial photography and video will be happening on site.

We expect a large amount of community members to join us for this peaceful gathering so PLEASE try to arrive early. Let’s carpool to consume less fossil fuels. For those who are closer, plan to ride your bicycle, skate or walk. PLEASE invite all of your friends.


We will be meeting North of the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, CA. USA. You should be able to find parking within a 5 block radius or so. Let’s decompress – you don’t need to park right by the beach.

Online @:

You can find more information on www.oceanforce.org and on our Facebook page Oceanforce https://www.facebook.com/events/352665878421305/

Media Contact:

Direct message through our Facebook event page or email CAPT. Alfonso Lopez at alfonso.oceanforce@gmail.com

What Else:

We will be holding a beach cleanup from 10:30Am to 11:30AM to show respect and care for our oceans.

Charitable cash donations will be accepted through Oceanforce Foundation.

A Drum Circle will be marking the beat. Native American Blessing will be given.

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