Written on January 19, 2017

2nd Annual Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic on January 4th


We are super excited to announce our participation at the 2nd Annual Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic on January 4th. The event is organized and brought to you by local Oceanforcers Hodad’s and AWOL. Thanks to this folks an the communitie’s collective efforts we will be celebrating our love for Surfing and the Ocean. Among the many attractions of a classic Surf Contest tailored to the entire family, there will be beach and Park cleanups, a Beach Market with some of the best local businesses in town, music, raffles and more.

If you are signed up to enter the contest the earlier you arrive at the beach, the better. For those of you who are coming for the ocean conservation work mostly, just remember:

  • We gather up 30 mins before each cleanup to get to know each other, share important information about the issue of plastics in our oceans, talk safety and coordinate the activity.
  • Bring Your Own Bucket and/or a Small Glass Bottle to collect micro plastics. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Participation is FREE. Donation based – your kind contribution of any amount or skill (as a volunteer) allows us to continue our ocean conservation work.

We will be having a beach cleanup mid morning at 10AM and another one in the afternoon at 2PM. If you are interested in joining the team for the day and helping us at the Oceanforce booth and assist with the cleanup please write to ( alfonso d0t 0ceanforce at gmail d o t com) Community service forms available for those of you who might need it. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult. Bring water, warm clothes, and carpool if possible :)

Please take a few minutes to visit our friends @ www.hodadies.com and www.awol1502.com  

Thank you.


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