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This goes to the ocean and recycling love – Esto va al Mar y amor por el reciclaje !

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

As simple as it sounds, most people don’t realize that all storm drains throughout the city go to the beach. In an effort to educate the local community and spread awareness in regards to the issue of ocean pollution our friends @ Conserve Your Beach Argentina have started going around and marking certain storm drains with the phrase “this goes to the ocean.”

The idea of signaling the storm drains came up at one of the group’s weekly meetings as just one of the many activities planned for the winter in the southern hemisphere. There are also other ideas in the works. One of them is the spreading of  positive messages or phrases that will make you think about our everyday actions. This last one is been getting a lot of attention on our social media where members have been pitching their slogans in hopes of seeing them in the streets of Mar del Plata.

One of the chosen lines  is from our friend Axel Barbieri ” Que Hiciste por mejorar el mundo hoy – what did you do to better the world today.” The simple but upfront set of words can be seen placed around the beach and is been getting a lot of attention from pass byers and local neighbors.

Remember that in a city bombarded with senseless tagging and aerosol spraying our stencil phrases and logos are not much of a concern to the public, and are rather seen as a “positive work of art and awareness.” There are also the fact that other local groups  have been doing similar work in town and the activity has not yet been banned or prohibited by city officials.

More of the group’s work focuses in educating the community on the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. To this end they have got permission to cover some of the existing trash bins along the beach with PET bottles, as a way to make people understand the importance and value of recycling our used bottles.

Their ingenious craft is been covering some rusted trash bins on the beach; turning then into more colorful ones that now carry a story and a great message of “recycling love” to all those who pass by on their morning jog, daily walk, or on on their way to surf. Just very recently (about a month ago) the city passed an ordinance allowing residents to place recyclable items on green bags that will be later on picked by the trash collection trucks and taken to a recycling facility. There is not yet specific recycling bins in households but this is already a great step in the right direction towards a change in the mentality and local habits around disposables.  Conserve Your Beach’s PET bins are meant to reinforce the new norm and make people aware that recycle DOES mean a cleaner environment, better health for everyone and a simple practice that can also put some $ in your pocket.

On top of all of this work, the group is been on a complete awareness mission extending their message to the community which ever way possible! This past Monday the group made an appearance in the local radio FM 88.7 Gretel and their renown show “We have created a monster!” The invitation created a perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of recycling, keeping plastics and debris from entering storm drains and to invite everyone to become active in helping preserve the local beaches.

“Hats off to our friends Conserva Tu Playa Argentina”, that have been doing some great work and staying very active ever since the group’s creation over two years ago.

This goes out to show that you don’t need much to create a positive change or a mentality shift in your community. When you have the will to do good and realize that you ARE an agent of change in your community, you can make some amazing things happen.

Thanks to all of you for your continuous support.

Stay tunned!

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