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Beach Cleanup organized in the beach area of the Community of Alfar, Mar del Plata (Argentina)/Se realizo una nueva limpieza de playas en las playas del Alfar el 4 de diciembre

Monday, January 16th, 2012

On December 4th, Conserva tu Playa, Mar del Plata (Argentina) organized yet another beach clean up on the beach between the community of Alfar and the Green World Reserve. The cleanup was relatively easy going given population density is not as great in this zone as in the north sector beaches of Mar del Plata (La Perla/ Constitucion/ Daprotis). This means that during the rainy season the waters carry far fewer wastes and trash into this beach area. But that is not to say there is no problem.

El dia 4 de diciembre nos reunimos nuevamente para realizar una limpieza de playas en el sector comprendido entre la playa del barrio Alfar y La Reserva Verde Mundo. La actividad la pudimos llevar adelante sin muchos inconvenientes, ya que en el sector sur de la ciudad la densidad de poblacion es menor a la que se encuentra en el sector norte (La Perla / Constitucion / Daprotis ), esto significa que al llover los desagues pluviales transportan una cantidad de basura muchisimo menor hacia las playas.

The day was sunny but real windy. Participants armed with bags and gloves showed their support by donating a few hours of their time to show solidarity with their natural environment.

El dia estuvo soleado aunque con un poco de viento, los participantes “armados” de bolsas de residuos y guantes pudieron demostrar su compromiso donando solo unas horas de sus vidas por esas playas.

It’s important to note the support shown by local lifeguards who joined our cleanup efforts. They really set a great example for local beach goers.

Es de destacar la buena voluntad de los guardavidas del Alfar que a la par nuestra limpiaron su playa dandole el ejemplo a los bañistas que se encontraban en el lugar.

The event drew out supporters from northern communities and of course community members from Alfar, who are very concerned about local ocean pollution issues.

Participaron vecinos del norte de la ciudad como tambien de la zona Alfar, ya que en ese barrio hay una gran preocupacion por los problemas que los aquejan.

Like always, entire families showed willing to help and work hard!

Como siempre asistieron familias dispuestas a ayudar.


Mission accomplished friends! A few were missing for the group shot but we thank you all!

Mision cumplida amigos!! , lastima que faltan varios en la foto por que se tuvieron que ir tempranito.

First beach clean up of the new year by Conserve Your Beach- Mar del Plata was held yesterday, Sunday January 16th, 2012! Pictures coming soon!   We hope to see our local Mar del Plata friends at the next beach cleanup!

La primera limpieza  del año se realizo ayer domingo 16 de enero del 2012!  Esperamos contar con vos en la proxima limpieza que se realize!


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Thursday, January 12th, 2012

This are breaking news from one of our favorite bodyboarding destinations, Punta Colorada in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

The amazing beach break wave of Punta Colorada is considered one of the best in the state of Oaxaca and the world. For a while now there have been rumors about the possible construction of a marina on this pristine natural area just north of the touristy beach city of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. The rumors have been confirmed and towards the second half of the year 2011 the locals noticed heavy machinery beginning work and clearing out of some of the higher ground areas. “It is imminent now, a marina development is on its way.”

In the last few months there have been several city council meeting intended to inform the community about the proposed plans but its been nothing but hectic and unorganized. The local community has questioned the legitimacy of the environmental impact studies done to determine if the area is suitable for the construction of a marina or not. There has been a tremendous opposition and support to this movement from the local surf community. “Everyone is fired up and ready to go claim the beach as a Natural Reserve and Heritage area for the community of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca and the world.”

PHOTO: Ismael Ramirez

The zone is not only home to one of the best waves in Mexico, but is also home to a very large marine and terrestrial ecosystem. The threatened area sits directly between the airport and the stretch of beach to the west. This breath-taking area of the Oaxacan coast has been disputed since the early 70’s. The story goes local fisherman and residents of Punta Colorada were removed from the area by the federal government and never compensated for their land. Since then, heavy political and commercial interests have been battling over this pristine and undeveloped area. In the last couple of years the local residents have gathered up and worked to restore the place by removing trash, clearing out invasive vegetation and replanting native vegetation. There is still much work to do. The city’s lack of infrastructure and its outdated wastewater treatment system currently spills untreated raw sewage and wastewater into the lake… 


PHOTO: Ismael Ramirez

Imagine you are flying over this area, below you will see a system of water streams and steep hills covered in dense vegetation growing towards the west. The steep hills recede towards the coast giving form to a watershed system that fills a lake surrounded by mangroves and a river mouth empting into the Pacific Ocean. In short, these distinct ecosystems hosts a variety of migratory birds, swans, ducks. Large crocodiles are found in the estuary but don’t be surprised if you see one of them swimming, they also enjoy swimming in the ocean.  Dolphins, tuna, turtles, oyster and other big fish populate the ocean waters year round to make this a true heaven on earth kind of place. The occasional migratory whales can also be seen resting at Punta Colorada. It is this very fine watershed balance that every year brings just enough sand and sediment to work its magic and create those perfect, heavy tubes at Colorada. “The area is protected by the law NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010, and as such it needs to urgently be declared a Natural Reserve to be kept and preserved in its pristine and undeveloped original state for the enjoyment and benefit of the local community.”


PHOTO: Ismael Ramirez

If the locals could achieve their goal of turning Punta Colorada into a natural reserve, it would surely bring a lot of eco-conscious tourists and travelers looking to connect with nature and the environment. The monetary benefits of having a constant flow of tourists looking for a nature escape is something that, under the right management, can create jobs for an entire community and help it thrive. On the other hand, a marina development would only benefit the same large businesses and private corporations, ruining the place and excluding the larger community and tourists like you even.


PHOTO: Tim White

The world-class wave has been shred by most of the best surfers and bodyboarders in the world. The beach at Punta Colorada accounts for over 30% of the amount of surf you can get when you travel to Puerto Escondido – if we loose this wave, the entire surfing community will suffer. The town of Puerto Escondido will inevitably loose a BIG chunk of business that will definitely not be replaced by the construction of a marina.

Today we need everyone’s help to save this wave and keep enjoying it for generations to come. We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to mother earth and to our kids.


PHOTO:Alfonso Lopez


You can start by signing our online petition to keep Punta Colorada it its original state by going to the following links. There is two versions of the same petition, one in Español and another one in English.

English >


Español >



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