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Artists On Demand on Project Save Our Surf + Oceanforce Foundation ocean conservancy weekend in Santa Monica.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Our friends from artistsondemandblog.com have just published a real nice article on the ocean conservancy weekend organized by Project Save Our Surf. 

Artists on Demand Blog.com: ” Locals were encouraged to attend the event and watch the Pro Surfer and Celebrity Surfing Sessions. The many people in attendance also enjoyed live music, mural painting and eco-friendly exhibits to name a few. Oceanforce Foundation had a booth informing people of ocean-related issues. At 1pm they hosted an impromptu beach cleanup. Many SOS volunteers, surfers and people in attendance participated in the cleanup. Everyone involved in this event had such a passion to keep our oceans clean and people walked away with a strong sense of awareness to ocean threats. We can’t wait to attend Project Save Our Surf next year and we encourage you to become involved!”

Alfonso, Janene, Areli, Natalie, Kaitlyn, Venice, Franky, Dennis, Tanna, and Rachel cleanup shot! yey!

Top notch surfing all weekend !

With good weather, good waves and great music it seemed like everyone was having a great time in Santa Monica.  Click HERE for more photos and to read Artists on Demand’s full story.

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Oceanforce Foundation and Project Save Our Surf beach cleanup in Santa Monica – October 15/16.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Newest member of the Oceanforce team, Phillip was so excited to hear about the work Oceanforce is doing overseas, he pledged to organize a beach cleanup at his local beach. Hope the event is a success Phillip.  Remember change begins with YOU!

Oceanforce team member Areli Perez organizing beach goers for a beach cleanup.

Dennis began collecting trash even before the clean up began. He collected over 3 large bags of trash and was the lucky winner of a sweater!

Dennis and Shannon, Oceanforce newest friends going at it! We were stoked to meet Shannon who is not new to the environmental activism world. She has been organizing in Itacare, Brazil for the last year.  First day back in the states and already doing her part.

Reusable bags at beach clean ups are a must!

Have you ever gotten tangled up in the seaweed? Well your not the only one,  most of our trash consisted of plastic bags wrapped up in the seaweed.  Not an easy thing to untangle. One more reason to ban plastic bags!

“I wasn’t doing anything, so I thought why not clean the beach. It’s actually much dirtier than it seemed,” Thanks Janene! It’s amazing the things we can do if we only take a few moments to do our part!

Natalie, Kaitlyn, Venice, and Franky having fun while cleaning up the beach. You guys are our new generation of ocean conservation activist, keep it up!

Santa Monica beach clean up was a success! Thank you for all those who lent a hand. Our ocean thanks you!


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Argentina ! Limpieza de playas Domingo 9 de Octubre – Beach cleanup Sunday October 9th

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Para concientizar y educar a la comunidad sobre las amenazas que sufren nuestros océanos, playas y ecosistemas marinos, este domingo 9 de octubre realizaremos una nueva jornada de limpieza de playas. Esta metodología busca exponer a los ciudadanos los problemas de polución y deterioro costero. Hemos demostrado que esta experiencia de trabajo colectiva es gratificante y concientiza a los concurrentes acerca de la URGENCIA de adoptar un cambio de hábitos en el consumo.

Conserve Your Beach works to bring awareness and educate the community about the threats to our ocean, beaches and the marine ecosystems. This Sunday October 9th we will be holding yet another beach cleanup in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Our hands-on approach tries to expose our community members to the current pollution issues and coastal degradation happening in this beautiful city. Time after time we have demonstrated how gratifying it is to take part of a collective effort while helping bring awareness about the urgency of adopting a change in our everyday consuming habits.

La cita es en la playa que esta ubicada a la altura de la calle Valencia (una cuadra antes de Av. Constitución) a las 15hs. Las playas de este sector son muy concurridas por vecinos y turistas,  y lamentablemente sufren las consecuencias de la basura que desemboca en las mismas a través del desagüe pluvial de la avenida Constitución, dicho desagüe es uno de los mas grandes de la ciudad y no posee ningún tipo de filtro para evitar que la basura que transporta desde las calles desemboque en la playa. En este ultimo año se ha finalizado la construcción de  una escollera en forma de ¨T¨ la que al entrampar la arena de la deriva natural costera  hizo que el agua pierda su curso hacia el mar y  quede estancada durante meses al pie del desagüe acumulando grandes cantidades de basura.

We will be meeting at Valencia Street near Constitución Ave. at 3PM. Because of its proximity to downtown and its scenic beauty, neighbors and tourists alike visit this particular beach sector regularly. Sad to say this part of the city is one of the most affected by the street runoff, which brings anything from plastics, trash and debris, to illegally dumped raw sewage and more. There is no filtrating system nor enforcement of any (existing) law restricting what goes into the storm drains throughout this coastal city. To make matters worst, the city has just finished building a T shaped jetty in front of the run off pipe, which has now created a giant pond of waste water and trash that stays right on our beach for months waiting for a big swell to get to it and take it away. 

Entendemos que este es un problema del que no solo debe tomar cartas en el asunto el gobierno municipal sino que también cada persona debe asumir su responsabilidad en el cuidado del medio ambiente. Como ciudadanos marplatenses sentimos el deber de cuidar el  patrimonio ecológico mas importante de la ciudad , sus playas y océano.

We understand that this is everyone’s problem and not only the government needs to act on it but also the community at large needs to assume responsibility and take care of our coastal environment. As citizens of this coastal city we feel the urge to take care of these, our most important resources the beaches and the ocean.   

Desde ya invitamos a todos los vecinos residentes y turistas, como así también a los surfistas y amantes de los deportes acuáticos, a sumarse a este evento.

Everyone is invited to attend this community event – all surfers, neighbors, ocean and outdoors lovers, tourists and all stake holders. This is everyone’s chance to do their part, learn, have fun and create a better world for generations to come.

Lugar: Valencia y la costa (una cuadra antes de Av Constitucion)

Fecha: Domingo 9 de Octubre.

Horario: 15hs.

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