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SIMA Environmental Fund

Friday, April 1st, 2011

As we dive into the month of April we feel the winter in the northern hemisphere come to an end. Nicer warmer days with offshore winds start becoming more frequent and the south swells start to arrive. Sandbars in Southern California roll in offering perfect tubes for us to enjoy. Isn’t this awesome?

For us at Oceanforce Foundation it means much more than that; April marks the calendar month in which the Surfing Industry Manufacturers Association – SIMA, will announce the names of the lucky grant recipients for both their Humanitarian and Environmental funds.

The SIMA Environmental Fund was created to serve as the environmental arm of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association by raising funds from the public through fundraisers and solicitations. The SIMA Environmental Fund uses these funds to promote ecological and environmental organizations whose efforts are focused on enhancing the oceanic environment.

For over 20 years SIMA has been supporting the surfing culture and its industry all along thus creating unprecedented growth and prosperity within the sport. Since its creation in 1989, more than $4 million in grants have been awarded to various environmental groups through the SIMA Environmental Fund. This is truly admirable!

And so, our Oceanforce team has patiently waited for four months while the Board of Directors at SIMA review our grant application and decide whether to extend a hand to help us out and help make our project come to life.

Who better than Surfing Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) to support an ocean conservancy and environmental foundation working on both direct strategic action, as well as a groundbreaking media project to unite Watermen worldwide?

An ocean conservancy and environmental magazine for watermen worldwide is a perfect candidate to SIMA’s Environmental Fund. Let’s all hope the stars align this year and make 2011 be one to truly remember; the year we finally kick into full speed, come to your town and knock on your door – hey dude, surf is up!

Thanks everyone at SIMA for their patience and support!
Check out www.sima.com for more info.

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